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Balisong knives

Balisong knives, mail orders, online factory shop

Warning: we do not sell knives to people under 21 years of age!

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Balisong knives.

These models of balisong knives have 420 stainless steel blades and brass metal handles. Very durable, for a lifetime. The balisong knives, often called butterfly, are very special switchblades. You can see them on movies because they are very fast to open with hand and wrist ability. The handles are made of full brass or very fine briar wood, along with high quality rosewood. balisong knives are pieces of craft work coming from Italy. Ours are the original items made in Italy. The procurement of such articles is regulated by Law. No exceptions will be made. It is the purchasers responsibility to check the legal permissibility within your state or locality. See the chapters for further information about regular possession.
Tthe features.
These models are constructed in a good variety of models. The canonical ones have full brass handles and zuava AISI 420 stainless steel blades. There are also balisong knives with precious and fine hardwood. They are nicely finished pieces, exceedingly sharp. They are extra powerful self defense that pack a super incapacitating shock to an assailant. All models feature safety switches open lock and warranty certificate. Any family, at home for self defense, should take one of these self defense items.
The sizes.
These kinds of switchblades are constructed in three sizes: 6, 7 and 9 inches. An excellent example of the ones of the world's best defensive knives. When handled by an expert, the items are renown for the speed at which it can be deployed, and the "fright factor" of it's sudden appearance. They are very well made products and can be had at an affordable and reasonable price. These are excellent items to put in any collector's showcase. AB/SKM carry a full lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship and covers repair or replacement of parts and labor.
Balisong knives, how to use them.
Remember first and foremost that safety is YOUR responsibility. It is your moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you when handling them. Basic latch pop/handle rotation technique (shown left handed): Grip the items in hand and pop the latch with your little finger. Rotate the knife handle one-half turn to position latched handle down while maintaining grip on "safe" or latchless handle; drop or swing latched handle (note cutting edge is pointing away from fingers) down/outward letting it continue around to be caught in the open hand. Rotate handle to position the knife ready for use your switchblade. We produce balisong knives from over forty years. balisong knives are our daily products.

AB/SKM switchblade knives: Balisong knives

balisong knives
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